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Choosing to stay at home enables you to live your life on your terms. You can stay with your pet, keep in touch with friends and family and eat the food you like to eat. Having a carer on hand to provide support, and companionship often provides a much-improved quality of life for our clients who have previously struggled with day to day routines of life.

The directors have over 30 years’ experience of working in care and nursing. Hazel care limited   provides personalised care to people as we all know the best care is about finding the right people who genuinely care about helping and getting things right for you. We also ensure staff have all  relevant, adequate training and support which means that, in turn, they provide the very best level of care to our clients. Hazel care prides itself by creating an environment where our staff are valued and rewarded for the work they do.

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What We Offer

We take the time to understand exactly what you need help with so that the time we spend with you is time well spent.

Remaining independent and in your own home means so much, and often, a little help on a regular basis is all you need. To book hourly care with us, we will assess everyone depending on your needs we will do a personalised support plan which you and your relatives can also access this through our electronic system which  helps us to develop strong relationships, and ensures we provide you with the very highest level of care.


Hazelcare uses  innovative digital technology, to record the care delivered to you. Our system  ensures the care worker will use a mobile phone/tablet  to record the details of your visit and daily wellbeing. This technology has been  designed to support our care workers and to enhance the care provided .This system allows  us to record daily care and your family and relatives will have the option (but with no obligation) to download the Family App.

This gives them visibility of when your care worker arrives and details of the visits in real time, allowing them to keep track of your care programme and daily wellbeing. This technology has been helpful in connecting  service users  and loved ones

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Our Services

Our Team

Recruiting a small and committed team to work with you is of paramount importance. Your relative will benefit from the familiarity of a main carer who will stay with them for the duration of the support. We also introduce a secondary carer; whose role is to relieve the main carer for short periods. We know how important the relationship between carer and client is, and we take pride in the companionship’s that develop.

Family are reassured when they meet the dedicated care manager who oversees every aspect of their relative’s care. We work closely with you and your relative to adapt our service so that it’s totally personalised to them and their needs. If we need to co-ordinate medical appointments or schedule some home maintenance, then that’s what we will do!

We also offer specialist live-in care, we have access to the very best advice from our team of highly-respected in-house nursing staff so if specialist care is needed, we make sure your loved one receives the very best.

Our dementia expert is on hand to provide advice and support to both families and carers. Live-in care avoids the upset caused by moving somewhere unfamiliar and creates a calm and familiar environment.

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